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Our text scripture for this study is 2 Cor. 1:21 "Now he which stablisheth us with you in Christ, and hath anointed us, is God"


The Lord is the source of all Anointings. What do we understand by tthe word "Anointing" and how do we develop, acquire or tap into it?.. By studying this book by Kenneth E Hagin on "Understanding the Anointing", we may be able to get more insight and deeper into the things of the Spirit". We would move together step by step, chapter by Chapter into this book..

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This is our first book to review in this group.. If you have another book that has  blessed you and you can download for others to access, please let me know..

We are starting our reading with the attached material on "Understanding the Anointing" by Kenneth E Hagin. The first 4 chapters under section 1 (The Individual Anointing) will be discussed first. Please try and read through, pretty easy material, bring out your thoughts, questions and concerns.. There can be no discussion If we are not diligent about this...

The link "The Prophetic Anointing" by Les Crause has been attached for reference purposes, also to broaden your knowledge on this topic..

The life of Jesus demonstrates a perfect example of how the Anointing operates. The Anointing is an enablement, an empowerment, a special grace or power for a specific assignment. Jesus had the Spirit without measure operating in all of the ministry calls, and spiritual gifts. John 3:34.   He operated as an Apostle, as a Prophet, an Evangelist, a Pastor and teacher..For he whom God hath sent speaketh the words of God: for he giveth not the Spirit by measure.We, on the other hand, have the anointing of the Holy Ghost with measure. We have been anointed for specific ministry and the ability to carry out our divine assignment has been provided also.

The 2nd chapter under SECTION 1 talks about the role of the HolySpirit and His Anointing UPON and WITHIN a believer......Apart from the HolySpirit anointing you into a ministerial office (anointing upon) to be a blessing to others;He also resides IN YOU(anointing within) to teach and guide you into ALL truth.........It is one thing to Know you have this anointing INSIDE YOU, It is another thing to ACKNOWLEDGE and RESPECT this (ANOINTING WITHIN) INSIDE your FELLOW BROTHER and SISTER IN CHRIST to help teach them what to do and guide them in their own matters. John14:17; 16:13;1John2:20,26,27.

Yes You do Manifest.....in the old testament.People only experienced the anointing upon, the anointing of the HolySpirit WITHIN was not yet made available to them. But as New testament believers the anointing WITHIN us prompts the one upon us to create a balance.......IT IS LIKE A BALANCED SCALE /SCALE OF JUSTICE WITH TWO WEIGHTS, HELPS YOUR STABILITY AND ADJUSTMENTS.......YOU NEED THE TWO TO STAY STABLE BUT THE PROGRESSION IS FROM WITHIN TO UPON; NOT UPON TO WITHIN.


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