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Word-based teachings, Discussions and Exhortations

This is a forum created specifically for the purpose of discussing different topics in God's word, contributions, and exhortations.

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Prophecies, revelations, visions and Dreams

This is a forum created for the purpose of speaking forth prophetic utterances, revelations, visions, dreams and interpretations.

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Members can post prayers, and also join forces with others trusting God for breakthroughs in their lives. To pray with, and pray for one another.

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     Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for Your prophetic word that so predicts the future. This world can become a pretty dismal place sometimes, with its sin, chaos and tragedy. Teach me to look forward to the day when JESUS will come and set all things right. Help me to anticipate that world where tears and sorrow will be replaced by peace and blessing. Use my life to share the good news of the final triumph of CHRIST. In JESUS's name, Amen.......


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Comment by Dr. Toyin Ogundipe on May 27, 2013 at 10:08am
Your life indeed promises a more glorious ending than the trials you are going through. Stay Strong and Expectant... It is well!!!!

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