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This is a forum created specifically for the purpose of discussing different topics in God's word, contributions, and exhortations.

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This is a forum created for the purpose of speaking forth prophetic utterances, revelations, visions, dreams and interpretations.

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Members can post prayers, and also join forces with others trusting God for breakthroughs in their lives. To pray with, and pray for one another.

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    'Sir, we would see JESUS.' John 12: 21 KJV

One day some Greeks came to Philip saying, 'Sir, we would like to see JESUS.' And, if you listen, that's what people around you are still saying today. You say, 'Tell them to go to church and they'll see JESUS .' Maybe, maybe not. Get close to some folks who will fill a church pew every Sunday and you just might see the devil at work. One of America's finest ministers was sitting on a plane reading his Bible. The lady in the next seat turned to him and asked, 'Are you a preacher ?' He said, Yes, Ma'am.' Then she asked, 'Do you believe in a real literal devil ?' With a chuckle he replied, 'Lady, have you ever been to an annual church business meeting ?' You may smile, but if you've been in church a while you know he's telling the truth.

     Elders are looking for more than just a good budget, they want to see JESUS; in you. Choir member, you may sing like an angel and bring the house down, but when your song ends people wants to see JESUS; in you. Pastor, you may be a skilled expositor and a gifted orator, but when the sermon's over people want to see JESUS; in you. Sir, lad, when you get through telling the folks at work what you stand for, they want to see JESUS; in you. You don't have to defend Him, just display Him through your attitudes and actions each day. JESUS said, '...if i be lifted up....[i] will draw all men unto Me' (John 12: 32 KJV). We do the lifting; JESUS does the drawing; that's how it works!

Read: Acts 3: 1 - 6; 4: 13

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Study the word, meditate on the scriptures that pertain to the situation at hand; the knowledge of Jesus become real as we learn more about him. As we grow in understanding who Jesus is, we are drawn into an intimate relationship through prayer, wisdom, the holy spirit, the Word and the confession from our mouth that he is Lord. Amen!!!!

Amen!! Hallelujah!!!


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