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Word-based teachings, Discussions and Exhortations

This is a forum created specifically for the purpose of discussing different topics in God's word, contributions, and exhortations.

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Prophecies, revelations, visions and Dreams

This is a forum created for the purpose of speaking forth prophetic utterances, revelations, visions, dreams and interpretations.

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Members can post prayers, and also join forces with others trusting God for breakthroughs in their lives. To pray with, and pray for one another.

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     Take simple steps in letting the Holy Spirit guide you.

     When was the last time you heard discernment discussed? It's not a popular topic today, yet there's probably never been a culture more in need of it. We're overloaded with information but short on insight. One click online gives access to more information than our ancestors could have imagined. But how do we know what's true? And has knowing more made us any wiser?

     Lack of discernment is all around, causing overwhelming debt,unsolvable problems and emotional turmoil of strained relationships. Even right and wrong are up for grabs. We increasingly resemble the disastrous era of the judges in Isreal when "everyone did what was right in his own eyes" (Judges 21: 25)

     In the midst of such confusion, believers need to develop a discerning spirit so that they can know truth and the Lord's direction in every circumstance. Without it, we'll veer off course and find ourselves in trouble. Discernment - the ability to look beneath the surface to see reality - involves evaluating information or situations, recognizing differences, considering consequences, and thereby making sound judgements. In our humanity, none of us have this kind of wisdom, but the Lord is willing to give us the discernment we need.

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